Don't Panic


Lets talk about Craigslist PDX:
I’m a nice respectful young man looking to live with 4 or 5 hot anime babes. I watch a LOT of harem anime where one average looking high school boy lives with 5 hot girls who all totally want him, and today while eating cookie dough, I thought “Hey! Why can’t that be me?” So now I am on a quest to find some hot girls to live with and get into goofy hijinx with. We’d all need to live in a nice big house together (separate rooms of course) and everyone would have assigned duties. One girl would cook and clean, another would be the book worm of the group, another would be very mean towards me but slowly fall in love with me, and another would have to be very nice and polite to me. I guess the last girl could be the wild card or something (athlete?), and of course, my duties would involve walking in on all of you naked, waking up late for my entrance exams, and getting mediocre grades in school. I am willing to pay $200 for all of this. No guys please, chicks before dicks. Also I have a really cute 12 y/o cat named Stella (I didn’t pick the name, I adopted her in may).